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“Steve Balderson is one of the greats!”

KAREN BLACK, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Winner


“Working with Steve Balderson was a blast. His artistic drive and work ethic are second to none. He creates a family atmosphere free from egos where all the artists can be free and thrive. When it was all over and we wrapped, I felt like summer camp had just ended.”
KEVIN RICHARDSON, singer, The Backstreet Boys


“Steve Balderson is the last true indie filmmaker. His process is fast and furious and always a thrill. Working with his cast and crew, I experienced a sense of community that remained intact long after the film was in the can. Working with Steve is a true artistic collaboration and an unforgettable adventure.”
JILLIAN LAUREN, NY Times best-selling author of Some Girls


“Working with Steve has always been a pleasure, because he does so much advance prep, that by the time you show up for the shoot, he already knows exactly what each shot is going to be and what it will look like. Thus, instead of working at the soul-numbingly slow pace of a “normal” film, everything goes really quickly, and scenes are not shot over and over from every conceivable angle and distance. It keeps things fresh, fun, and inspired.”
JANE WIEDLIN, singer songwriter, The Go-Go’s


“Steve is the dream director for the actor who thrives on creative freedom.  Freedom is so important for great storytelling and Steve trusts his vision and the visions of everyone else involved, which creates space for an organic synergy to take place.  That’s why you call it movie magic.  You get real moments.  I don’t always trust my choices but Steve sees YOU and helps you trust your instincts.  I feel blessed to have been a part of the process.”
ALEXANDRA CHOI, actress and blogger


“Steve Balderson is a rarity in the business; he is an artist that delivers on his artistic vision.  In fact, nobody in the business is working like him.  His process is streamlined to basics.  He shoots at a fast and fierce pace with as minimal crew as possible… but there is nothing guerilla about it.  Balderson knows what is visually and emotionally needed at every moment without forcing anything.  Working with him was what I always romanticized it would be like to work with Altman or an early Bogdanovich.  I deeply felt I had the freedom to play while knowing that he would steer me in the right direction for what the movie needed… And that has nothing to do with how pleasant it is to work with him.  On Balderson’s crew I felt like part of an artistic family, a family that worked hard and played hard.  Any actor that has the pleasure and opportunity to work with him should jump on the chance to be a part of his artistic process.”


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