“BLOODY FAMOUS” is a new project directed by Steve Balderson.  Principal photography is complete, and postproduction is beginning.  While the storyline is top-secret, we can tell you that it is a subversive satire on reality TV and set in the near future.  

Throughout the storyline, we plan to show cutaways of “fan selfies” or “reactions from fans.”

We want YOU to be featured as a “Fan” and appear in this project!


To submit your “selfie fan footage” for consideration, please follow the following steps:

  1. If you can, set your phone’s video camera to capture in 4K resolution at 24 frames per second (fps). (But... ANY resolution is fine)

  2. Turn your phone so the image is HORIZONTAL.

  3. Your phone’s microphone is totally fine.

  4. Look through the list of FAN REACTIONS choices below and feel free to record a selfie for each item, or just one or two.

  5. All languages welcome!  Please send us the English translation of what you're saying.

  6. Start your video by telling us your name and spelling.

  7. When you have finished your videos, AirDrop them to your computer and prepare to send via WeTransfer or DropBox.

  8. Read and sign this PERSONAL RELEASE FORM and prepare an image of the signed copy (.jpg, .pdf, etc).

  9. Send your personal release form and your WeTransfer or Dropbox link to so we can download your videos.

  10. The DEADLINE for all submissions is JULY 2, 2022 at 11pm Pacific Time


Feel free to record selfies for each of the choices below or pick whichever ones you want!

Commentary/feedback about each character:

JEREMY (Some people say he’s a Jackass but he’s HOT AF – so you might want to describe the hottest guy you know, a role model, someone you look up to, aspire to be like, or any guy that you’ve ever been attracted to, and what makes him so attractive, etc. He has smooth muscles too! Unless you like hairy, but he's so HOT you don't care.)

AMIR ("Uh-Meer") (He’s a family guy, so if you like a family man, tell us why you think Amir is the best choice. If you aren’t into the family thing, tell us why you think Amir isn’t such a good choice; he likes dogs so that's good, unless you're a cat person.)

D’MARCUS (He’s soulful, gorgeous, really comforting and safe feeling. His eyes can melt you like butter. And he’s got a great voice. The perfect guy, really. Maybe he’s too soft or too kind? Or just right?)

JULIAN ("Ju-lee-un") (Julian is very caring, and thoughtful, really looking out for your needs, if you like that. If you don’t like that, maybe you think he’s too caring to the point of being annoying?)


RAUL (He’s sexy, and his accent melts your heart, and his smile, and his dedication to doing what’s right. Unless you aren’t into that, and when he talks it seems robotic like A.i. or something. He's just got a weird way he talks, like you can't hear what he's saying because maybe he is a really bad communicator?).

JEREMY B. (Make sure you say the B in "Jeremy B" because there's another guy named Jeremy!) (Sure, he’s cute, and nice. But he's kind of short, and nerdy, and a WEIRDO.)

BEAUX ("Bo") (OMG he’s just like totally fabulous AF, has like the best style, and can do your makeup for like the Oscars or Grammys, and has like the best lips – and his body, OMG – like the perfect nipples you're so jealous).