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THE CASSEROLE CLUB focuses on a group of mod 1960’s era suburban housewives.  Close-knit and neighborly, they are all bent on one-upping each other, trying to prove that each is “the hostess with the mostess.”  They begin a recipe club, and hold dinner parties, testing out their new casseroles.  But when the gatherings become increasingly focused on boozy flirtation, and more than recipes start getting swapped, the story moves swiftly from stylized and campy to a drama about irresponsibility, selfishness, and damaged people.

“The Casserole Club” is an intricate landscape of desolation, unspoken desires, and empty lives laid bare.  Raw and uncompromising, it is evocative of classics like “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and the more contemporary “American Beauty.”  Set in America during the NASA moonwalk, the moon, is a metaphor for the film's tragic heroines, who are filled with mystery, secrets and the untapped potential of people who exist without really living.


Spanish translation by L.M. Santos:

El nuevo film de Steve Balderson, "The Casserole Club", se centra en un grupo de modernas amas de casa suburbiales en la década de 1960. De forma amistosa, todas las vecinas tratan de probar que son la "anfitriona perfecta". Forman un club de recetas, y celebran cenas para probar sus nuevas cacerolas. Pero cuando estos encuentros van desembocando en flirteos entre copas, y las recetas dan paso a los intercambios de pareja, la historia se desliza suavemente desde la sofisticación camp hacia un drama sobre irresponsabilidad, egoismo y personas dañadas.

"The Casserole Club" es un intrincado paisaje de desolación, deseos no formulados, y vidas vacías que yacen desnudas. Cruda y sin concesiones, recuerda a clásicos como "¿Quién teme a Virginia Woolf?" y la más actual "American Beauty". Ambientada en la Norteamérica de los paseos lunares de la NASA, la propia luna resulta una metáfora de las trágicas heroinas del film, las cuales viven inmersas en el misterio, los secretos y el potencial oculto de aquellos que existen sin vivir de verdad.




Susan Traylor as Sugar Bainbridge
Kevin Richardson as Conrad Bainbridge 
Pleasant Gehman as Florene Johnson
Hunter Bodine as Burt Johnson
Starina Johnson as Kitty Bloom
Garrett Swann as Sterling Bloom
Jennifer Grace as Marybelle Beedum
Michael Maize as Max Beedum
Daniela Sea as Jerome Holleran
Mark Booker as Leslie Holleran


Supporting Cast
Nic Roewert as Ned Lavon
Jane Wiedlin as Marjorie Lavon
Kelly Pedone as Patti Parker
Stuart G. Bennett as Gayle Parker
Iris Berry as The Broad


Directed by



Steve Balderson: Director of Photography
Frankie Krainz: Screenwriter 
Jane Wiedlin: Girl Friday
Anthony Ferreri: Production Sound
Stephen Eckelberry: Editing Polish 
Timmy Red: Hospitality Coordinator 
Anthony Pedone: First Assistant Director
Jeff Welch: Second First Assistant Director
Dusti Cunningham: Stills Photographer
Maryann Bates: Stills Photographer

Executive Producers:
Jill Wendte
Kirk Jesko
Stuart Bennett
Anthony & Nancy LaBarbiera
Chris Rudy, Dan Pedone
Lee & Stephanie Ferguson 
Michelle Beisner, Justin Sintic
Garrett Swann, Anthony Pedone

Linda Sammut: Make-up & Hair Supervisor 
Kelsey Bodine: Make-up & Hair
Make-Up provided by CARGO Cosmetics





The American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre // Hollywood

Visionfest // Winner of 5 Independent Vision Awards

SF Indiefest // San Francisco

Raindance FIlm Festival // London

Anchorage International Film Festival

Tiburon International Film Festival

FilmOut San Diego

Salvage Vanguard Theater // Austin, TX

Hong Kong University Special Event // Hong Kong





Best Film / Outstanding Achievement in Production / Independent Vision Awards
Best Director (Steve Balderson) / Independent Vision Awards
Best Actor (Kevin Scott Richardson) // Independent Vision Awards
Best Actress (Susan Traylor) // Independent Vision Awards
Best Production Design (Steve Balderson) // Independent Vision Awards

Audience Choice Award // RxSM Film Expo 
Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Grace) // RxSM Film Expo 

The Jack Nance Breakthrough Performance Award nominee (Jennifer Grace)

The Abe Schrager Award for Cinematography nominee (Steve Balderson)
Best Writing nominee (Frankie Krainz) // Independent Vision Awards  
Best Original Score (Rob Kleiner) // Independent Vision Awards





"Intense ...the cinematic equivalent of my greatest nightmares about married life."
- Film Threat read full review


"Glorious. Absolutely glorious!"
- Perez Hilton


"It's a nice idea for a director to let everyone in on the same page."
- James Oakley, Interview read full interview with Susan Traylor @ Interview


"The emotional depth of this film is stunning... This is the life’s blood of cinema and the reason independent movies keep the art form alive. It is a truly human experience that digs in under the skin."
- Home Theatre Info


"A wildly colorful 1960s period piece with far more bite than a first glance at its pastel hues would indicate."

- After Ellen read full review


"Thought-provoking, take-no-prisoners look at the heady times in middle class America."
- James Wegg 


Michael Musto recommends that you get a ticket.
- The Village Voice read blog


“Magnificent, another tour-de-force by the best kept secret in American cinema. The cast -work together brilliantly. Steve’s direction is faultless. Rob Kleiner’s score is literally note-perfect ”
- MJ Simpson read full review


“A must-see ... Everyone shines in this movie”
- Madlab Post 


“Intense, Funny, Quirky & Raw”
- Starshine Magazine 


"For the first time in his career, Steve Balderson has mastered both cinematic rhythm and cinematic space."
- Dr. Joseph Suglia 


"The film features a knockout performance by former Backstreet Boys crooner, Kevin Scott Richardson," and Susan Traylor’s performance is "a perfect gem in an ensemble of diamonds... the director’s best work to date."
- Bruno Derlin, Visionfest`11


"I have to say that Steve Balderson knows how to weave visuals and sound together like a master chef."
- William Butler, Bang Noir 


"Especially strong performances from Kevin Scott Richardson and Susan Taylor make real the deep themes of piece."
- Dom Elsey, Raindance Magazine 


"This film just confirms the trouble handsome and ready neighbors can get into when they've finished the last crumb of the casserole and are still eye-balling each other lustily across the dinner table. A bright sexy sixties sexual mix-up! Steve Balderson is one of the greats!"
- Karen Black


"A stunning performance by Jennifer Grace."
- Helen Hunt

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