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“With his latest single ‘Why Don’t You See’, Balderson offers an unsettling and seductive Bowie-esque track… a distinct and intriguing touch that a lot of artists lack these days. ‘Why Don’t You See’ is a masterful combination of old ideas and new innovations, and it’s something that only the best creatives pull off.”
– The Buzzy Band
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“Derrière cette œuvre magistrale se cache un message d’une puissance évocatrice inégalée, une réflexion sur la condition humaine et sur notre quête incessante de sens.”
[translation: "Behind this masterful work lies a message of unparalleled evocative power, a reflection on the human condition and our incessant quest for meaning."]
– ExtraVAfrench
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A thousand years ago in another universe, I wrote, recorded, and produced two full length albums. At the time, Johnette Napolitano (from the band Concrete Blonde) was scoring my first film when she suggested I make an album sometime. I hesitated until I imagined expressing a story, character, or emotion, on an auditory “canvas” (instead of a visual one). I found it super compelling. So, I took her advice and did it.

That album, made before ProTools and social media existed, was called “Hypothermia,” and released on CD in 1999. There were several singles that made the college radio charts. No songs were ever performed live or on tour.

The follow up album, “Bleeding From The Wall,” came out in 2001, just before I directed FIRECRACKER, and the famed Czech photographer Jan Saudek did the cover art. 
Both CDs are out of print and rare (I find them sometimes on eBay, haha). I never released the music digitally online.

On 14th March, 2024, I re-released both albums with new artwork, some music videos, and other special things.

The first single is called “Why Don’t You See?” and you can hear it wherever you get your music:

For these albums, I am using the name DIKENGA. Because DIKENGA is neither me nor you, neither man nor woman, neither good nor bad. DIKENGA is all of it, a voyage of the soul, a map of the universe, simultaneously. Each album, each song, is a story with characters that came to me meant for the auditory world.


Produced by Dikenga Records
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All rights reserved.

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